Four Phonica is a Ukrainian Electronic Rock band, based in Berlin. The band was founded by the members of an accomplished act Marakesh (called by Billboard as “solid and manifestly eclectic sound”), which have moved from Kyiv to Berlin back in 2012.

After appearing in the Grand Theft Auto IV Video Game Soundtrack, Marakesh actively toured throughout Europe. In addition to headline shows, they performed in supporting Placebo. In 2012 Marakesh was put on hiatus and its members moved to Berlin to start their new chapter as Four Phonica.

In February 2014, Four Phonica premiered Sabotage mixed by the Grammy-winning music producer Adam Hawkins. The energetic track was followed up by the self-titled EP released on Feb 28, 2014.

Currently the band is put on hiatus. In 2017 the band has made an announcement about working on new material.